Established by the University of Nebraska
Board of Regents in October, 2001
               The Center facilitates the integration of the biocomputing/informatics disciplines with the life sciences and coordinates cross-campus and state-wide efforts in bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, pharmacoinformatics, computational chemistry, and computational biology.

Note: Then NICLS is not active anymore. This website is maintained for historical purposes only. 

Mission Statement   

  • Provide Nebraska's researchers, educators, and students with efficient access to Bioinformatics tools and to a growing number of databases on biologically important molecules
  • Improve the skills of Nebraska's researchers and provide technical expertise to work with the databases, Bioinformatics methods and tools
  • Reduce duplication of efforts in the various laboratories requiring Bioinformatics services and reduce hardware, software, and database expenses for these laboratories
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary (Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Science, etc.) collaboration among Nebraska's scientists
  • Foster the development of Nebraska's fledging biotechnology industries, by providing contract access to cutting edge Bioinformatics tools (in compliance with software licenses)
  • Stimulate the involvement of local software engineering companies in the fast-growing area of Bioinformatics
  • Enhance the competitiveness (and thus the ability to attract extramural funding) of many ongoing and future research programs in Nebraska
  • Improve existing and develop new undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate courses to better prepare Nebraska's students for work in the "Post-Genomic Era"
  • Enlighten high school students and educate the public in current advances in Bioinformatics
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